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Competitive Landscape
From analyzing market trends to evaluating competitor pipelines, Synapse Chat empowers you to make informed decisions that set you apart in your area of interest.
  • Navigate the biopharma landscape with precision
  • Track the latest R&D progress
  • Access insights into strategic dealmaking
Clinical Trials
Effortlessly dive into a wealth of clinical trial insights with Synapse Chat! Whether you’re seeking insights into emerging treatment modalities, exploring the potential of novel biomarkers, or diving into the latest breakthroughs in patient stratification, ask the questions that matter to drive your clinical research forward.
  • Maximize success with optimized trial design
  • Decode clinical trial results
  • Understand key adverse drug reactions
Patent Analysis
Revolutionize your patent strategy with Synapse Chat. Decode intricate patent landscapes, extracts key insights, and streamline your approach to IP. Turn complexities into opportunities to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.
  • Uncover key patents protecting biosequences and chemical structures
  • Analyze patenting trends across different technology domains
  • Identify innovation hotspots
Policy Access
Navigate the complex regulatory landscape with Synapse Chat to ensure compliance across the entire drug development lifecycle. Unlock thousands of policy documents from the FDA, NMPA, and more – covering everything from clinical trial applications, adverse drug reaction monitoring to drug production GMP.
  • Swiftly identify and execute on drug recall policies
  • Understand regulatory application pathways
  • Maximise efficiency with data-driven insights
Biomedical Brain
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Life Science Product Suite
Looking for drug development opportunities
Evaluate the value of license-in projects
Screen investment targets
Optimize product pipeline
Chase new frontiers in bio-innovation
Stay on top of competitor movements
Validate novelty and freedom to operate searches with ease
Identify sequences for therapeutic activities
Explore promising compounds and their applications
Accelerate novelty and freedom to operate reviews
Strengthen competitor analysis
Intelligence Q&A and retrieval data in drug research
LLM support pharmaceutical researchers work for data acquisition and analysis